Why is there no calculator on iPads?

Apple, known for meticulously designing every detail and leaving little room for error, how is it that they left the iPad without a calculator function while adding it to their other products? Is it a mistake or a deliberate move? It seems unlikely to be a mistake, but what could be the reason behind intentionally leaving it out?

Compared to other brands and operating systems, Apple is not one to make big changes very often. Particularly the iPhone and iPad series, they do not undergo frequent changes. However, even though the iPad is much older than the Apple Watch, it still does not have a calculator. In order to use a calculator on the iPad, one can ask Siri, type into Google, or download another calculator application. These are not very practical methods, of course.

The story behind why the iPad does not have a calculator application dates back only a few weeks before its completion. When designing the iPad, they transferred the same operating system from the iPhone, but they did not consider how a calculator would look on the larger screen. Steve Jobs realized just one month before the launch of the iPad that the design of the calculator application was not to his liking. He met with Apple’s lead software developer, Scott Forstall, and presented two options: either create a new calculator application from scratch or completely remove the application.

There is no plan for a new calculator application in sight. The iPad that has been carried into the present still does not have a calculator application, and there is no indication that software developers are working on it.

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