Who is Behind the Biggest Car Theft in History?!

We often see news about car thefts that someone has committed on social media and television. Some of these thefts become a topic of discussion due to the different methods used, while others become a topic due to the high value of the cars. However, the biggest car theft in history is still a problem between North Korea and Sweden today.

After the Korean War, which started between North Korea and South Korea and then affected many regions with the participation of countries such as the United States and China, North Korea made various efforts to develop its country. Initially aiming to improve the country’s economy, North Korea became an industrial state over the years, but still needed the help of other countries.

Years after the war, the Swedish brand Volvo decided to enter the North Korean market, which was a developing economy in their eyes. They quickly signed contracts to enter this market. In addition, they sent iron casting machines to help with industrialization.

Swedish companies shipped millions of dollars worth of products to North Korea. Therefore, Swedish companies and politicians encouraged the Swedish Foreign Ministry to send a diplomat to North Korea, allowing Sweden to become the first Western country to establish an embassy in North Korea.

North Korea paid for some of the Volvo cars they received in the 1970s in the 1980s. However, despite nearly forty years passing and Sweden reminding them twice a year, North Korea has not repaid its debt. In fact, they still continue to use these cars today. According to current data, North Korea’s debt has reached $322 million, making them the country with the highest debt to Sweden.

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