What actually happened to little Boo according to the Pixar Theory?

According to the Pixar Theory, which is a fan-made theory that connects all the Pixar movies into a single timeline, the fate of Boo, the little girl from Monsters, Inc., is quite tragic.

In Monsters, Inc., Boo is a toddler who accidentally enters the monster world and befriends the main characters, Sulley and Mike. She is eventually returned to her own world, but the theory suggests that her life takes a dark turn after the events of the movie.

According to the theory, Boo grows up to become the witch in Brave. This is based on the fact that the witch in Brave has a carving of Sulley from Monsters, Inc. in her workshop, suggesting a connection between the two characters. It is believed that Boo, traumatized by her experience with monsters, becomes obsessed with finding a way to travel through time and space to reunite with Sulley.

In her quest, Boo discovers the magic of the will-o’-the-wisps, which are believed to be remnants of the doors used by monsters to travel between worlds. She becomes a witch and uses her magic to create portals, hoping to find a way back to the monster world. However, her experiments go awry, and she ends up trapped in a time loop, aging slowly while being unable to escape.

As time goes on, Boo’s obsession with finding Sulley consumes her, and she becomes bitter and resentful. She uses her magic to manipulate events in the world, causing chaos and destruction. This is seen in movies like The Incredibles, where the theory suggests that Boo is responsible for Syndrome’s rise to power.

Eventually, Boo’s actions catch the attention of the witch-hunting organization in Brave, and they set out to capture her. In an attempt to escape, Boo uses her magic to transform herself into a bear, leading to the events of the movie Brave. However, she is ultimately defeated and turned back into a human.

After her defeat, Boo is banished to the human world, where she lives out the rest of her life in isolation. This is seen in the movie Up, where an old woman named Ellie is believed to be an older version of Boo. Ellie’s love for adventure and her connection to the spirit of adventure, represented by her iconic “Adventure Book,” is seen as a reflection of Boo’s longing for the monster world and her lost connection with Sulley.

In conclusion, according to the Pixar Theory, Boo’s life takes a tragic turn after the events of Monsters, Inc. She becomes a witch in Brave, trapped in a time loop and consumed by her obsession with finding Sulley. Her actions lead to chaos and destruction in movies like The Incredibles, and she is eventually defeated and banished to the human world, living out her days in isolation.

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