Epic Games Discounted Games

The MEGA Sale has started on the Epic Games Store, which is the second largest platform for gamers. Hundreds of games will be on sale with discounts up to 75% off from May 18th to June 15th. We have chosen 20 games that should not be missed for those who want to expand their game library. In addition, we have provided information about the coupon campaign that was prepared for the MEGA Sale. Click here to access the Epic Games MEGA Sale campaign. Despite its initial failure at launch, Cyberpunk 2077 has made significant improvements with its updates. You can now enjoy a fantastic story without encountering any major issues. Survival games have become increasingly popular in recent years, but they usually come in the form of multiplayer games. Days Gone, on the other hand, is one of the best single-player survival games. There isn’t much to say about FIFA 23 as it is already one of the most beloved soccer games in the world, and it has received one of its biggest discounts ever. If you enjoy simulation games and have been considering trying something new, you can try being a train conductor. The game is not normally expensive, but it’s worth grabbing while it’s under 50 TL. This game, where you give life to a goat, is a real gem for gamers who want to escape from the country’s current events. As part of the Epic Games MEGA Sale campaign, all players can take advantage of a coupon that provides a 25% discount on purchases over 200 TL. You can use this link to access the Epic Games coupon event.

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