Cities Skylines is temporarily free.

If you’re a fan of city-building and strategy games, you can’t have missed Cities Skylines. The most popular city-building simulation of today has come with an unmissable opportunity for those who don’t own the game yet. Cities Skylines became free to play on Steam from May 18th to May 22nd. Additionally, the game and all its packages are now on sale with discounts up to 70%. Cities Skylines offers a lot of features that you would expect from a city simulation game such as district management, policies for each district, disasters, service management, taxation, and city planning. In our career journey that starts with a road, we build big cities and strive to manage and grow them to the best level. Although the game released in 2015, it still manages to be entertaining today and has no real competition factor, but the mod community provides significant help. With mods, you can even add each lane manually, improve the graphics to a higher level, and have a more realistic city planning experience.

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