Be Aware of Fake ChatGPT Applications!

ChatGPT, which is perhaps the biggest technological development of the past year, has opened a new chapter with the release of its mobile application. Currently only available to iPhone users in the US, the app is expected to be available to all iPhone users worldwide and then to Android users after all optimizations have been completed. While ChatGPT had only recently been released for use in browsers, we had already reported that there were many fake ChatGPT applications in app stores. However, with the release of the official ChatGPT app, the number of fake applications has increased even more. Furthermore, the fact that the ChatGPT app cannot be downloaded from Turkey under normal circumstances is making it easy for fake applications available in Turkey to thrive. Fake ChatGPT applications pose two different risks to users. The first is the possibility of accessing user data. Depending on the access permission given to the application, fake applications can access your photos, contacts, or messages, and this can even put your credit card information at risk. The second danger is the sale of fake ChatGPT+ subscriptions. Some applications are selling fake ChatGPT+ subscriptions for access to GPT-4, and charging up to $300. It is worth noting that the official monthly subscription cost for ChatGPT+ set by OpenAI is $20. First of all, it should be emphasized that OpenAI has not yet released a ChatGPT app for Android. Currently, only an iOS application is available. Regardless of the application, the first condition for determining whether it is “real” or not is to look at the publisher. As you might expect, the ChatGPT app has been published by OpenAI. If you see an application with a different name that has released an app called ChatGPT, you can understand that it is fake.

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