Artificial Intelligence Statement from Rockstar’s Parent Company

Artificial intelligence technologies like ChatGPT have begun to be used in the gaming industry, especially by independent game developers. Developers have started to benefit from ChatGPT, from the idea stage of a new game to coding and even writing dialogues for characters around the world. So what does Take-Two Interactive, the parent company of the gaming world’s biggest name, Rockstar, think about this? The CEO of Take-Two made significant statements about artificial intelligence technologies at the meeting where the company’s quarterly report was shared. CEO Strauss Zelnick started his thoughts on artificial intelligence with a noteworthy statement. While evaluating artificial intelligence and machine learning as an oxymoron, Zelnick emphasized that Take-Two has been active and a leader in these areas throughout its history. Although he stated that the recent developments in artificial intelligence are exciting for them, he also expressed that they are not surprised. The CEO stated that he sees artificial intelligence as a tool and fundamentally, they are “better and more efficient tools”. In other words, the Take-Two CEO also declared that he sided with those who oppose calling artificial intelligence ‘intelligence’.

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