11 Animals You Won’t Believe Once Existed

11 Animals You Won’t Believe Once Existed

Throughout the history of our planet, there have been numerous fascinating and bizarre creatures that roamed the Earth. From massive dinosaurs to tiny insects, the animal kingdom has always been full of surprises. In this article, we will explore 11 animals that you won’t believe once existed. Get ready to be amazed!

1. Megalodon: Imagine a shark that was three times the size of a great white shark. That’s exactly what the Megalodon was. This prehistoric giant lived around 23 to 2.6 million years ago and is considered one of the largest predators to have ever existed.

2. Quetzalcoatlus: This creature was a pterosaur, a flying reptile that lived during the Late Cretaceous period. With a wingspan of up to 40 feet, it is the largest flying animal known to have existed. Its size was comparable to that of a small airplane!

3. Dunkleosteus: This ancient fish lived around 358 to 382 million years ago and was one of the largest predators of its time. With its massive jaws and sharp teeth, it could crush almost anything in its path. It is believed to have been up to 33 feet long!

4. Haast’s Eagle: Native to New Zealand, this extinct species of eagle was the largest eagle to have ever lived. With a wingspan of up to 10 feet, it was a formidable predator that hunted large prey, including the now-extinct moa birds.

5. Thylacine: Also known as the Tasmanian tiger, this carnivorous marsupial was native to Australia and Tasmania. It had a unique appearance, resembling a mix between a dog and a tiger. Sadly, the last known Thylacine died in captivity in 1936, making it one of the most recent extinctions on this list.

6. Glyptodon: This massive creature was a type of giant armadillo that lived during the Pleistocene epoch. It had a heavily armored shell that could reach up to 11 feet in length. Imagine encountering this creature while taking a stroll!

7. Andrewsarchus: Known as the largest terrestrial mammalian carnivore, Andrewsarchus lived around 45 to 36 million years ago. It was about the size of a rhinoceros and had a skull that was over three feet long. Despite its intimidating appearance, little is known about its behavior and lifestyle.

8. Megatherium: This giant ground sloth lived during the Pleistocene epoch and was one of the largest land mammals of its time. It could reach up to 20 feet in length and weighed several tons. It is believed to have used its long claws to pull down branches and strip leaves for food.

9. Steller’s Sea Cow: Discovered by Europeans in 1741, this massive marine mammal was native to the Bering Sea. It could reach up to 30 feet in length and weighed around 8 to 10 tons. Unfortunately, it was hunted to extinction within 27 years of its discovery.

10. Dodo: The dodo bird is perhaps one of the most famous extinct animals. Native to Mauritius, this flightless bird was hunted to extinction by humans in the 17th century. It is often depicted as a clumsy and foolish creature, but little is known about its behavior.

11. Woolly Mammoth: Last but not least, we have the woolly mammoth. This iconic creature lived during the last ice age and was adapted to survive in cold environments. With its long, curved tusks and shaggy coat, it is one of the most well-known extinct animals.

These 11 animals are just a glimpse into the incredible diversity that once existed on our planet. From massive predators to unique marsupials, the animal kingdom has always been full of surprises. While it is sad to think that these creatures are no longer with us, their existence serves as a reminder of the rich history of life on Earth.

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